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In the New Testament the church is described as a "vine", "body", "building", and "household/family".  All of which picture the connectedness and interdependence we are to experience together as God's people. We believe that discipleship and mission is best accomplished as believers live together in community. These communities are small groups of people, joined by the realities of the gospel, pursuing the renewal and redemption of their community together. We call these communities Vintage Communities--communities who live the gospel together spreading the gospel together. In these communities we seek to dive deeper and deeper into the gospel, encourage and care for one another, and work to serve the community we are a part of, create space for non-believers in our midst, and share the good news of Jesus with love.


We are a Family. God, the perfect Father, has adopted us as His children.  Rather than a random collection of individuals, we live in committed relationships as brothers and sisters.  We arrange our lives to maximize the opportunity to be a part of each others’ lives.  We gather regularly to eat, celebrate, and share life.


We are Learners. We don’t have it all together, rather, we are called into a lifelong journey of humbly learning how to follow Jesus.  To do this, we dedicate ourselves to understanding our story and our culture’s story through the lens of the biblical story.


We are Servants. Jesus not only rules supremely over all the earth, but he intentionally disadvantaged himself for the sake of others.  Because Jesus was willing to serve us to the point of death, we are committed to serving each other and our cities.  We humbly and sacrificially serve by blessing people in word, deed and gifts.


We are sent out on mission. Jesus sent His Spirit to enable His Church to be a conduit of blessing to the world.  We actively engage and bless our communities with the good news that our world belongs to God.


We invite anyone to be a part of community with us. Whether you're just exploring the Christian faith or have been a beleiver your whole life, we invite you to join us. We live life together, we learn together, we serve together, and we constantly seek to support and love one another.

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